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Coaching services to boost agility

In our coaching we focus on creating an agile culture by using simulations and developing a network of (internal) change agents to create viral change.

An agile culture can’t be imported, it needs to be grown. As explained in Jonathan Haidt's book "The righteous mind", intuition comes first and rationality second. In that same book, Haidt explains that it is hard to think yourself into new behaviour. First of all, this means that you need a catalyst that triggers new behaviour. Simulation can be that catalyst. Secondly, it means  that you need a healthy network of peers that influence each other in a positive way. Peers can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves: they can challenge us, giving us reasons and arguments that sometimes trigger new intuitions.

Simulations as designed experiences

Combine intuitive and rational learning in a rich learning experience.

Managing for virality

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please contact us on the number below or send us an e-mail using the "Get in touch" form.


Okaloa, Egelantierlaan 17 - 1851 Humbeek, Belgium Tel. +32 (0)473 56 50 98,

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