Okaloa Flowlab Facilitator Program | a path to become a skille facilitator

Our facilitator’s program is designed to give existing Okaloa Flowlab users to possibility to deepen their knowledge and skills in order to fully benefit of the potential that Okaloa Flowlab simulations bring. The aim is to improve your success in generating retention and/or referral for your trainings and workshops using Okaloa Flowlab.

1. Attend our Strategic Agility Masterclass to experience first the different simulations like Team Flow, Competence, Multi-team, Workflow and


2. Practice in a safe-to-fail environment (friends, colleagues, ...) and then run workshops with customers.

3. Attend our facilitator training and co-facilitate with other skilled facilitators.


The Kanban Experience workshop


This program is organised on customer demand. Contact us in case you are interested!

During a 2-day facilitator training we will deepen your insight in all the different foundations behind Okaloa Flowlab (i.e. constraints, systems thinking, social intuition, clean language coaching approach). During the first day we do exercises to learn how you can facilitate a version of Okaloa Flowlab that is customized to the needs of your clients and exchange experiences with facilitating Okaloa Flowlab to give participants a taste of different facilitation styles. On the second day we dive into the underlying concepts so that facilitator will have a broader background to interact with and support their clients and let them experience how to embed Okaloa Flowlab simulations in coaching assignments.


We strongly recommend to co-facilitate with other skilled Okaloa Flowlab facilitators because it is not only the best way to experience different facilitation styles and developed you own style, but also have somebody more experienced beside you side to guide you and help you elevate your own Okaloa Flowlab facilitation skills.