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A deeper insight in how and why agile works is the pre-requisite for business agility and the agile organisationFlow thinking is foundational. Flow is something that you need to experience. Okaloa Flowlab is a set of board play business simulations that let you experience flow at different levels of the enterprise.

Learning happens faster when you experience it ! 

From a young age, we are fed knowledge in order to learn. But is all this knowledge allowing us to make smarter and better decisions? Most of the learning today is still done through a traditional approach of teachers (or trainers) pushing knowledge towards students (or trainees), who willingly or reluctantly, ingest loads of information. Learning is seen as the reception of factual information and is assumed to be a passive process. While this process might work in school, once we become working professionals and practitioners, applying the theory to practice becomes a difficult endeavour.


Okaloa Flowlab contains all the material that is needed to teach and coach the foundations of agility without going down the rabbit hole of agile methods. With the material you create a real-to-life simulation environment that - rather than playing a game - gives your participants a deeper understanding and a motivation to create their own context specific practice(s). The first module that is launched is the Team flow set.


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Just a few customer testimonials

Gabe Abella and Adam Hsu

Okaloa Flowlab was definitely a good choice for us to demonstrate to practitioners what is needed to bring more collaboration, awareness, and empathy between our upstream and downstream partners.

Wim Bollen

Okaloa Flowlab has proven to set aside the dogmatic discussions and stimulate the conversation about improvement in a positive way.

Karl Fuchs

Attend a Flowlab workshop and find out how it can help you become a more effective agile coach or practitioner.

With Okaloa Flowlab you gain more insights about how work works