​"Better understand what the Kanban Method can add to your organisation during a lunch break"


Kanban Simulation Games


In case you think this might be a good way to spend your lunch break with your teammates, contact us for more information.


Alternatively, we can also offer this in an evening session. You should count about 2 hours to plan and acquire some basic Kanban insights. 

Okaloa uses 2 different board play games that will give you, in a fast and very effective way, a quick insight in Kanban: The Kanban Experience and the getKanban board game. While the getKanban board game might be more intresting for software and systems development companies, The Kanban Experience simulation game is applicable for all organisations dealing with knowledge work, such as engineering, software development companies but also a variety of service companies. 


The Kanban Experience* is a fun way for small groups to try out some basic visual management (visualisation + feedback loops), and then experience the dramatic effect of adding work-in-progress limits to create working kanban systems. We extended the game with a simulation for the Upstream process. The Upstream process defines the work that needs to be done, while in the Downstream process the work is being executed.


The getKanban** Board Game is a board game like Monopoly but instead of trying to buy real estate and make your competitors go bankrupt in the getKanban Board Game you try to make your development process flow and maximize your net profit. The goal of the getKanban game is to maximize the net profit by attracting subscribing customers for your offering. You attract new customers by making new features available for the customer. Every third day of the game you will charge your existing and new customer. The team with the highest net profit at the end of the game will be the winning team.

At the start of this session, participants get introduced to the basics of Kanban. After the simulation, during the debriefing, participants discuss how Kanban applies to their own work.





Team leaders, agile developers & testers, program and project managers, change agents, development managers, middle and senior management, ...

Arlette Vercammen or Patrick Steyaert of Okaloa, a principal lean agile coach with extensive experience in practicing Kanban and the only Belgian Lean Kanban University accredited trainer, will be your workshop facilitator.



 * The Kanban Experience is designed and developed by Arlette Vercammen and Patrick Steyaert of Okaloa.

** getKanban is copyright protected getkanban.com

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