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Maarten Hoppen has been working in Agile environments since 2004. He has a background in development and management. For the last 12+ years he has been a full time Agile Coach, a Professional Scrum Trainer at and Accredited Kanban Trainer at the Kanban University. He loves working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them adopt Agile and Lean thinking in their work, communication and collaboration. His goal is to improve productivity, create a pleasant workplace and unleash intrinsic motivation. The last years he sees a shift of focus in his work towards management consulting and optimizing the organization as a whole. That is why he certified as an Evidence Based Management (EBMgt) Consultant at and why he believes Kanban is one of the best tools for optimizing the whole and addressing resistance in a company. He is a pragmatic Agilist and always looks for the best combination of tools and frameworks to reach the goal we want to achieve.

Maarten Hoppen

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