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How to write an introduction to an essay. Sample design

If you didn't suffer from constant essay writing, you weren't a real student. The abstract is a kind of training before serious scientific work in the form of term papers and theses . Yes, writing an abstract is much easier and faster. But it also has a number of requirements, including the design of the introduction of the work.

Why does an abstract need an introduction?

Any textual and scientific work consists of an introductory part. In it, the author, in fact, should encourage the reader to further study the work, to interest him. Specifically for this purpose, the relevance of the work is indicated.

The introduction is an abbreviated part of the entire work. And some teachers even look only at the introduction and conclusion. By the way, the conclusion always duplicates the introduction.

What is the introduction

Consider the main elements of the introduction.

The relevance of the work

Why was this topic chosen? What might she be interested in? What are the benefits of her decision? Does the research have prospects? Here we answer to these questions.

Briefly and to the point - this is the motto of writing. Little-studied problems or topics of keen interest are valued. Think twice about choosing a topic. It is important to choose a topic that can positively and convincingly answer the above questions.

Goals and objectives of the study

There are many questions about the distinction between these two concepts. Some merge them together, others alienate from each other utterly. So what is their true ratio? Goals - what the author from servicewants to achieve through his own research. Problem solving contributes to the achievement of the goal. Thus, the tasks are the components of the goals, their detailing.

In the designation of the goal, such verbs as “open”, “consider”, “set”, “illuminate”, “describe” and an infinite number of others appear. Synonym generator - to help you. As a rule, the goal is one, but the tasks are several. And most often the goal is to paraphrase the topic itself, with the addition of that same verb. Ideally, each task is solved through a separate section of work. One task equals one paragraph. A few tasks will suffice.

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