Manage work, not workers!

February 16, 2015

As project manager, what do you do when your resources are constantly pulled away to work on other projects? Fight with other project managers? … that might be an option and maybe you’ll win this battle but might lose the next one. Bottom line, making estimations and putting priorities is very difficult as it strongly depends on who is available. Too often projects are delayed because most of the time the right resources are not available. It seems that assigning people to work is causing project organizations huge problems. Instead, what if you would form “specialized” teams based on the knowledge and expertise of people, and assign work to these entire teams instead of individuals? Analyze how project-work can flow between these different teams and step-by-step the agility will improve, as well as the predictability; lead times will shorten resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Watch this movie to see Mark’s story!.




The Kanban Method is an evolutionary approach whereby teams 

  • start with what they are doing now, 

  • pursue incremental, evolutionary change, 

  • respect initial roles and responsibilities, and

  • encourage acts of leadership at all levels.


Use Kanban not only to visualize work, but also to limit work in progress and to better manage the flow of work. You get the most out of The Kanban Method by:

  • making process policies explicit, 

  • implementing feedback loops and 

  • byimproving collaboratively.


The Kanban Method takes a service-oriented view when delivering projects: teams deliver a service to a project, whereby work flows from team to team, guided by policies and service agreements.


Just try it and you will see a big improvement when you start managing the work and not the workers.

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