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Patrick Steyaert
Arlette Vercammen
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The Brickell Key Award is a recognition for outstanding achievement, leadership and contribution to the Kanban community.

Patrick Steyaert is founder of Okaloa. As a creator of Okaloa Flowlab, he teaches and coaches business agility by making use of simulations that stimulate agile thinking. With his partner, Arlette Vercammen he succeeded to create a world-wide network of trainers and coaches that use Okaloa Flowlab in their day-to-day teaching and coaching. With his work on upstream, customer and discovery kanban he helps organizations to look at the end-to-end flow from suspected to satisfied need. He is a recipient of the 2015 Brickell Key award for outstanding contribution to the Kanban community.

What makes us unique

What makes Okaloa unique is the application of a novel, innovative agile thinking model that is essential to develop the core agile capabilities to address the needs for flow, collaboration and learning. This thinking model is the underlying foundation for the development of Okaloa Flowlab, a series of simulations designed for agile experiences.

With Okaloa Flowlab, we are well positioned to help organisations with creating an agile culture. By focussing on the essence of "how work works", and not on the practices and ceremonies as prescribed by agile methods, the simulations are well received by all levels in the organisation, from operational to executive level. Experience has shown that Okaloa Flowlab simulations give people, regardless of the function they are in or the role they fulfil in the organisation, a deeper insight in how work should be organised in order to deliver fast and better and be able to respond more rapidly to a changing environment; during the simulations they experience what agility really is about. We excel in the design of agile experiences.

Rather than focussing on the implementation of methodes and practices we focus on the development of flow, collaboration and learning as core capabilities for business agility.

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Contact Us

Egelantierlaan 17

1851 Humbeek


+32 473 56 50 98


VAT BE0478.205.050


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