Journeyman facilitator

Journey of an Okaloa Dojo member

Different paths can be followed to reach a certain dojo role.

Redeem participation token
min. 3x
endorsement based on
co-facilitation &
certain level of success with the Okaloa Flowlab engagement model
Registered participant
Embarking facilitator
Community  endorsement based on 
co-facilitation Embark training & registered participants
Team Flow participation
Embark with Team Flow training
Grandfathered *
by Okaloa
Journeyman moderator
Advanced facilitator
in domain of discovery and liquidity and
co-facilitation advanced training
Community  endorsement based on 
proven coaching and facilitation skills
* Grandfathering: endorsement by Okaloa as a token of appreciation to users of Okaloa Flowlab who achieved great results with the physical Okaloa Flowlab material, co-operated closely with Okaloa and its community and/or attended our advanced classes in the past.
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